As is the case with everything else things are changing daily around here! We will do our best to keep this website updated and also to find new and creative ways to serve you and your families during this time! 

CovPresYouth serves 7th-12th grade students at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Homewood, AL.   Everything we do comes out of our vision:

To cultivate a community of students who seek and follow Jesus in all of life, for all of life.


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Senior High: The Bible and Sex

Wednesdays 5:00-6:00 PM 

In a culture that LOVES to talk about sex, we want to returning to Scripture to see what IS God’s good design for sex and how does it inform us of the way we should live in an over-sexualized culture. Come join the conversation, ask questions, and see how the Lord has designed us, how sin has distorted what we understand about that design, how Jesus is redeeming us even today when we are in a relationship with Him and how He is recreating and restoring us into the way He made us to live. Even in an understanding of His good design of us as humans.  Everyone else is talking about it so let’s get a biblical view of it!

You have to have a mask on unless seated! 


Fall Retreat 2020: 9th-11th Grade Retreat

Spots limited! Register TODAY! 


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