Junior High

Welcome to Junior High Ministries:

Our junior high ministries serves 6th-8th grade students at Covenant Presbyterian Church. The 6th grade students start with our ministry in the fall of their 6th grade year on Wednesday nights, they then join small groups on Sunday nights in the spring semester, and are officially part of our ministry after Spring Retreat. As 7th and 8th grade students they have the opportunity to participate in Wednesday youth groups, small groups, as well as all of our retreats. We can’t wait to see how your junior high student grows in their understanding of the Gospel throughout their years in our youth ministry.

This release form is required for all of our trips and excursions. It is good for the 2020 year so
We're really going to appreciate Edge 2021, but sadly 2020 is cancelled. Be ready for next year! Dates to come
Tentative Dates April 30-May 2nd Spring Retreat is a youth trip for 6th-8th grade.  We started to do this retreat
Tentative dates coming soon... Mystery trip is a trip for Junior High students (upcoming 7th and 8th graders) and it's