Mystery Trip 2021

Tentative dates coming soon…

Mystery trip is a trip for Junior High students (upcoming 7th and 8th graders) and it’s one of the most fun trips we do.  The junior high students will not know where we are going, but we will (and you will know as well parents).  This is a great trip for community building and fellowship, as well as a time to get away and spend time learning through God’s Word.  We have found that for youth, one of the best ways to see them fall in love with the church is to give them the opportunity to adventure together and build community in their age group so that they can then see a bigger picture of what it looks like to be a part of the church.  Mystery Trip creates so many incredible memories and allows our students to have that common thread to be able to carry that with them in youth group.  Being involved in the church as a teenager is hard, and sometimes that is because relationships are hard so we love this trip as a chance to form community with our students to give them a better picture and love for the church.