Parent Resources

We are so thankful for the privilege of being able to serve alongside you, as the parents of the students that we minister to. You are the most influential part of the life of your child  other than their peers, whether they are willing to admit that or not. Here we hope that you will find helpful resources to be able to engage with your student, listen to the things that are hard about being a teenager, speak the truth of the Gospel into their lives, and know how to be praying for in the life of your student, their teachers, friends, or any of the people they spend the most time with. 

Staff Books
Here’s a list of some books that are on our bookshelves. Some are related to youth culture, parenting, counseling, theology,
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Resources and Articles
These are some of the many helpful resources that we turn to often in doing ministry to teenagers and we
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Sunday School
This year we are going through the Gospel of Mark with all of the adult classes. As you go through
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Tuesday Mornings/Wednesday Nights
On Wednesday nights with Junior High students and every other Tuesday morning with our Senior High students we will be
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Small Groups
Spring Small Groups This semester in small groups we are going through Jen Wilkin’s book In His Image. Last semester
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