Pray For Me Campaign


The vision of the Pray For Me campaign is that every young person in the church would have a team of adult believers serving as their prayer champions. The Pray For Me campaign, “takes one of the most basic of Christian acts–prayer–and made it the connecting point between generations.” We desire for the students in our ministry to not see the youth group as the church but to see themselves as a part of the bride of Christ. Not only that, but as you are trained every time you come into worship to go out and be missionaries in your work place, with your families, and everywhere else you go, we desire the same for our students. As we know, there is a battle for the hearts of our teenage students. The enemy would like nothing more than to take out the next generation and the battle is real. We desire to have people come alongside these students willing to pray for them throughout their school year. 

What do you have to do? Sign up to pray for a student here: PRAY FOR ME CAMPAIGN. You will see on that to order a Pray for Me prayer guide which you can use to pray for students throughout the year. The Prayer Guide is a really helpful guide for praying for students during the year and also just a generally helpful guide for praying: Prayer Guide.

WHAT? It’s that easy? I just sign up and pray for a student for 2021-2022 school year? YES. That’s it. Would love your help in recruiting people from each generation. If you are a youth parent we will pair you with someone that is not your student. We will have a launch in September, but will need to get sign ups in to help us pair with students.

Excited about this opportunity for you and our students. Let know if you have any further questions.