Spring Retreat 2022

Spring Retreat is a youth trip for 6th-8th grade.  We started to do this retreat a few years back and have seen the fruit of being able to welcome the 6th graders into our ministry by having them join us on their first youth retreat, and also giving a farewell to our 8th graders as they move onto senior high ministry.  Because of that this is a retreat where we ask that your students do not bring friends. This allows us to focus on the students in our ministry and engage with them in a deeper way. Many of our other retreats and events are open to friends, this one just has a different purpose!

Junior High ministry is a place where we have seen these students begin to own their relationship with Jesus as they are processing their identities as teenagers and at the same time processing their identity in a relationship with Jesus.  There’s a lot going on there!  Our retreats are the BEST place to get to connect with people you wouldn’t normally connect with, to really retreat from the busyness of every day life, and to be able to spend time in God’s creation.  We have loved going to Laguna Beach, FL and we’re going back again this year!