The Edge Conference 2020

JUNE 15th-19th

We could not say enough about how much we love the Edge.  It is a trip designed just for junior high students with days filled with water games, tournaments, white water, and general shenanigans.  As a staff, one of the things that the Edge does for us is that it allows us, as leaders, to just spend time with your students.  The camp is run in such a way that just allows us to participate with your students and not be constantly planning what we are going to do next.  The Edge also allows for an incredible time to really see how God is working in these teenage students.  There’s a reason we’ve been going to the Edge for almost 10 years.

Download the flyer here for more information:

The Edge Conference 2020 Flyer

Forms to download and turn in:

Big Frog Rafting Form 2020

Edge Conference Student Form 2020

CovPresYouth Release Form 2020

*note if your student went on Winter Retreat or Spring Retreat then they have this form already and it is good for the 2020 year*

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